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Airside Industries is the leading supplier of UL Listed Prefabricated Chimneys. We specialize in Industrial, Commercial, and large scale applications where efficiency and safety are a priority.


We know your time is valuable, you have deadlines to meet, and need solutions quickly. Our team can speed up the process with a quick spec of all the parts you need to complete your project.


Let us take your specifications and fully build your system. Airside industries supplies precise, efficient, and safe systems. As a leading supplier, we can fulfill all project requirements.

Sales Teams

Let us be the extended team you can count on. Our reliable quoting process gets you precise pricing, timelines, and identifies additional opportunities for you and your clients faster.

Customer First Focus

Our philosophy is simple – we put the customer first. We will  make sure that any ventilation system we design, sell, build, or propose will be the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your project. 


over 20 years of expert ventilation service


We can take your boiler selection and design the vent layout. Our factory factory engineers handle all the draft calculations and UL compliant alloy selection. Request a quote.


Our experts design grease ducts to your specifications. All layouts will be NFPA 96 Compliant. Send us your specifications to get started.


An Airside Industries expert will make sure all expansion joints and pressure relief valves are properly located for a reliability, safety, and a fully compliant design. Learn more.

Boiler Breeching

We employ an experienced team of boiler breeching engineers who can create a boiler breeching design specific to your unique application. Learn more.


You control what you need for your project. Our team is here to help you whether you only need a prefabricated chimney piece or a full service design and installation. Get started with a quote.

State-of-the Art vent System design

Airside industries offers state of the art laser scanning for layout and collision detection. We develop and offer complete ventilation 3D renderings and fully scaled shop drawings accurate to within 1/16″. We detect problems early to save your time and money.

Airside Industries Laser Scanning
Generator Exhaust Solutions Team

Ventilation efficiency and safety

Airside Industries Ventilation Experts have worked on large projects throughout NJ, NY, CT, PA, and surrounding areas. Each project has brought unique insights and allowed Airside to refine processes continuously.

“Airside Industries engineers and designers fully supported us from A to Z. We highly recommend them. Ventilation in our new plant is efficient and safe.”

David, Engineer