PA Generator Exhaust Experts

For More Than 20 Years

Airside Industries has been serving Pennsylvania for over 20 years with expert generator exhaust knowledge and service. We’ve supplied and installed exhaust for every aspect of commercial generation from small outdoor stand-by units to large CHP hospital projects so we understand the unique requirements for each situation.

Every project is different, so every commercial generator exhaust system we design is unique. We have an in-house team of design engineers who will work with you to fully understand your requirements and come up with a custom solution.

When taking on a project, we prioritize safety, generator performance, and unique site conditions. Our in-depth knowledge means that we understand the intricacies of meeting all these requirements better than anyone else. Let our CHP (combined heat and power) and HRSG (heat recovery steam generation) experience help your project run smooth.

What is a Generator Set Exhaust System?

The Basics

A generator set exhaust system performs the same basic function as any other exhaust system - it serves as a pathway for exhaust gases to escape into the air. However, for generator installations, there are a few special considerations to keep in mind.


Generators are often located indoors, so removing harmful exhaust gases is critical. In order the achieve this, your generator exhaust stack must be well-designed to prevent recirculation via air intakes around your building while still taking back pressure and natural draft into account.


If your generator exhaust system is not designed properly, it could result in resistance to exhaust gas flow. Known as back pressure, this can reduce the efficiency of your generator’s engine and raise your fuel costs.

Generator Exhaust Safety

Your generator set exhaust system must be installed in a safe manner that results in no recirculation of harmful exhaust gases back into your building’s HVAC system.

The only way to ensure that your generator discharges exhaust gases safely is to use an exhaust system that has been designed properly. We have decades of experience designing commercial generator exhaust pipes for all applications.

Tailored to your application

We study your project parameters in-depth before we do anything else – that way, we can ensure that your generator exhaust stack discharges in a safe location to avoid any fresh air intakes or upwind windows.


Our exhaust breeching offers industry leading clearance to combustibles and skin temperatures well within occupant safety ranges. Every system is designed with appropriate expansion relief, supports, blow off valves, and bellows joints.

Project in Mind?

Our team is here to help with all your ventilation needs. Request a quote to get started and have peace of mind.

Generator Engine Performance

If designed incorrectly, a generator exhaust system can negatively impact generator engine performance. These mistakes are always avoidable and are usually the result of improper generator exhaust pipe sizing.

Airside Industries Laser Scanning

Understanding back pressure

If your generator exhaust pipe is too small in diameter, it can create back pressure in your exhaust system. Some back pressure is allowed with most generators, but it must not exceed the limits of the engine. If back pressure is too high, it can lower your air-fuel ratio and increase your fuel costs.

Maintain full engine performance

At Airside Industries, we guarantee that your generator exhaust system will not degrade your engine performance. During initial exhaust system design, our engineers evaluate gas flow and maximum back pressure specifications from your generator manufacturer to determine the correct exhaust pipe sizing.

Customer First Focus

Our philosophy is simple – we put the customer first. We will  make sure that any ventilation system we design, sell, build, or propose will be the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your project. 

Generator Exhaust Applications

Every generator exhaust project has its own unique requirements. They can be vastly different depending on the type and primary use of your building. After 20+ years serving PA with expert generator exhaust service, we know exactly what is needed for every installation.

Hospitals / Healthcare

Medical installations are some of the most sensitive and critical applications for generator set exhaust systems. Generators are crucial in these environments because patient lives rely on medical equipment that must have uninterrupted power.
Industrial Commercial Chimney

Commercial / Industrial

For demanding industrial applications, generator performance is a primary consideration. These diesel generator exhaust systems must be properly designed, otherwise your engine performance will suffer.

We design all our generator exhaust systems in-house so your custom solution will be a perfect fit for your requirements. By studying your generator specifications as well as your building’s layout, we can design a bespoke exhaust system that minimizes back pressure.


Generators are crucial for keeping government agencies online during power outages. These installations require diligent planning and design to ensure that all government standards and local ordinances are satisfied.

During our initial design phase, we examine the layout of your building and generator location to determine the best exhaust system design that prevents recirculation. We also make sure that all the exhaust pipe materials and generator exhaust wall thimbles we use are suitable for your generator exhaust temperature.

Airside Industries Generator Exhaust Solutions

We are PA generator exhaust experts. Our in-house engineering team is well-versed in generator exhaust requirements with over 20 years of experience. We can design a diesel generator exhaust system for your application that satisfies every requirement.

Exhaust Piping

This isn’t just piping off the shelf – generator exhaust piping must be carefully chosen based on your specific project requirements. Everything from your generator exhaust temperature to your building layout must be taken into account.

We have a variety of UL listed options that eliminate liability so you know you are getting the correct product. We handle everything from flange adapters to supports to final terminations.

Calculated for expansion

Generator exhaust piping will expand and contract due to temperature – this must be taken into account during exhaust system design. We use basic calculations to determine how much your piping will expand based on your generator exhaust temperature. We make sure that any pipe supports are large enough to accommodate thermal growth and design bellows joints between fixed points so that any expansion is managed properly.