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For More Than 20 Years

Proper ventilation and exhaust are critical for industrial heating systems. At Airside Industries, we are industrial ventilation experts with over 20 years of experience serving Pennsylvania. We’ve worked on hundreds of major projects at government facilities, hospitals, and industrial sites so we have broad experience with boiler venting requirements. We understand which boiler venting options work best in any application.

Customer First Focus

We handle every step of your project, from initial alloy selection, breeching design, and PE stamped draft calculations. We can even help out with installation if you don’t already have an installer in mind. If you would rather perform the install using your own technicians, we can even provide on-site technical training.

Experienced Team

We employ an experienced team of breeching engineers who can create a boiler breeching design specific to your unique application. Our team will ensure that the proper materials are used based on the boiler category and exhaust temperature involved with your project.

We also have an on-staff team of expert boiler breeching installers. Our technicians have decades of combined experience with all types of boilers and breeching designs. They will ensure that your boiler venting requirements are met so your system works at peak efficiency and meets all safety standards.

What is Boiler Breeching?

The Basics

Boiler breeching is exhaust ductwork that leads from your boiler to a chimney or exhaust stack. It’s basically an exhaust vent for your boiler that creates an exit for noxious exhaust gases.


Boiler breeching is critical because many of the noxious by-products of boiler combustion (like carbon monoxide) are toxic to humans. For this reason, proper boiler breeching is a major safety concern and must adhere to both local codes and those set by Building Officials and Code Administrators International (BOCA).

Heating Efficiency

Proper boiler breeching is also critical for heating efficiency. If your boiler venting is not set up correctly, your system is not going to last. Bad breeching designs and improper sizing could result in a boiler that will continuously shut down with various flame failures, or vent that rots out and leaks long before it should.

Airside Industries Boiler Breeching Solutions

There are multiple different categories of boilers on the market today. Each one has different requirements when it comes to boiler exhaust stack breeching. It’s critical that you know which category of boiler you have so you can install the proper boiler exhaust vent.

Airside Industries will work with you to go over your project requirements in-detail before any work is done. That way, we can ensure that your boiler breeching design and materials are perfectly suited to your application. There are four categories of boilers, and each is differentiated by available draft and likelihood of condensation occurring. The largest commercial installations might require a Category III boiler, but a smaller hot water heater may fall into Category I.

Category I

Atmospheric fired gas boiler. Type B vent required – must allow up to 550°F maximum temperature

Category II

Atmospheric fired condensing boiler. Special gas vent required – must meet UL1738

Category III

Forced draft non-condensing boiler. Vent type & material depends on flue gas temperatures (370°F to 1200°F)- UL2561, UL103, and UL103HT

Category IV

Forced draft condensing boiler. Special gas vent required – must meet UL1738

Project in Mind?

Our team is here to help with all your ventilation needs. Request a quote to get started and have peace of mind.

Benefits of Boiler Breeching

Boiler breeching is critical anywhere that a boiler is installed. This is primarily a safety issue since boiler exhaust gases can be harmful to humans. We are experts in all local PA building codes as well as relevant standards set by BOCA, NFPA, and ANSI.

However, safety is just one part of a boiler breeching project. Not all boiler breeching is created equal. If your boiler breeching is not designed and installed correctly, it could result in significant boiler issues, leaks, and possible occupant safety issues.

Project analysis

When starting a project, our engineers first take the time to fully understand your system and breeching requirements. Our team analyzes the fuels to be burned as well as the number and size of boilers at your site before any designs are made. We also consider your building’s primary use and the materials used in the building’s construction.

Custom design

With this information, we can create the best boiler breeching design that is safe and efficient for your exact needs. We can recommend common vented systems, or individual vents depending on site conditions.

“Airside Industries engineers and designers fully supported us from A to Z. We highly recommend them. Ventilation in our new plant is efficient and safe.”

David, Engineer

Boiler Breeching Applications

Airside Industries boiler breeching experts have worked on hundreds of exhaust stack breeching projects across all types of installations. Our team has experience working in smaller office buildings as well as large industrial facilities, hospitals, and commercial buildings.


Hospital boiler breeching projects come with a host of unique challenges. We’ve designed and installed boiler breeching in hospitals across Pennsylvania and the Tri-State Area so we understand exactly what is required.

Having a proper boiler breeching design for your hospital or medical facility is about more than just system efficiency and energy savings. Above all else, it’s about safety and patient health. We are experts in meeting these critical requirements.


Government facilities are held to specific standards for employee health, safety, and comfort. Proper boiler breeching is critical to maintain safe and comfortable conditions in government buildings.

We can accommodate any project size or system demand, whether your installation has one, two, or ten boiler rooms. Our expert boiler breeching design engineers will work with you to fully understand your installation requirements so every need is met. Once designs are completed, our in-house expert technicians will carry out the installation at your site, or train your installers to make sure you have a fully functional leak free system.

Industrial Commercial Chimney


Industrial sites typically see high demand from their boilers, and the same goes for industrial boiler breeching. We understand the unique challenges this presents for your boiler breeching design.

Why Choose Airside Industries?

Airside Industries has more than 20 years of experience serving Pennsylvania. We are boiler breeching experts with hundreds of major projects under our belt. We’ve worked on exhaust stack breeching projects of all types and sizes so we have broad experience. Whether it’s a hospital, large industrial facility, or school, we have the knowledge needed to make your project a success.

We can perform every part of your boiler breeching project, from initial breeching design to construction and installation. Additionally, if you have your own installation team, we can come on-site to your location and provide technical training.